Mason & Hamlin




If only two words could describe Mason & Hamlin pianos, they would be Quality and Durability. For over 150 years, these prize-winning instruments have been built by hand, using only the finest materials and according to time-honored designs and specifications. Mason & Hamlin pianos are built both to inspire and to last–the perfect instrument for your home or institution.

Attention to detail takes time, and Mason & Hamlin invests a great deal of it in every piano it makes. Before a Mason & Hamlin leaves the factory, it’s inspected no fewer than 12 times. Choosing quality over quantity, Mason & Hamlin limits its annual production to 50 uprights and 300 grand pianos.

Montana Piano has been an authorized Mason & Hamlin dealer for over ten years.  We offer a full selection of Mason & Hamlin piano models, along with the expertise to keep your instrument in performance condition and lasting for a lifetime.

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